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The FARO 3D Imager AMP is a high performance non-contact 3D imaging system, capable of collecting millions of points in just seconds.

  • Using blue light projection technology, the FARO AMP achieves high accuracy point cloud data on parts, assemblies, and tools for inspection and reverse engineering applications.
  • Built with portability and flexibility in mind, the FARO 3D Imager AMP can easily be deployed as a manual device or in fully automated systems. The portable, rugged, and thermally-stable design of the FARO AMP is right at home on the shop floor or assembly line
  • High accuracy validated by VDI/VDE 2634-2 to deliver data you can depend on
  • Solve everyday measurement challenges as well as complex problems that weren’t previously possible
  • Easy-to-use interface makes data collection as simple as point and click

Features of the FARO 3D Imager AMP:

The FARO 3D Imager AMP employs powerful on board processing to deliver fast, reliable and accurate point cloud data, freeing up your PC to analyze the data without additional calculation overhead. It also makes it easy to use in automated systems with single or multiple sensors.

  • Blue Light Technology
    Enhanced ability to measure dark and shiny surfaces in variable lighting conditions
  • High Dynamic Range
    Easily handles parts with a combination of colors, textures and reflectivity
  • Auto Exposure
    Automatically applies optimal exposure settings to ensure the best possible data in all situations
  • Fast Acquisition
    Capture data in as little as one second for exceptional inspection cycle times
  • Embedded Processing
    Ensures consistent speed of point cloud generation and enables multi-sensor configurations
  • Plant Floor Ready
    With its portable, rugged and thermally stable design, the AMP is right at home on the shop floor or the assembly line

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