FARO Focus 3D S120 Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Range   Laser Class   Wavelength   GPS 
Focus3D S 120
Focus3D S 20
 0.6m – 120m
0.6m –    20m
Class 3R 905nm N.A.
  • Efficient: The long range of up to 120m, the level sensor, the compactness and ease of use and the auto-registration at no extra cost result in up to 50% savings of scan and processing time compared to conventional laser scanners.
  • Precise and fast: The Focus3D creates a precise, virtual copy of reality in millimetre-accuracy at a blazing speed of up to 976,000 measurement points per second.
  • Economical: The price of the Focus3D is a revolution by itself. A 3D laser scanner has never been so affordable.
  • Revolutionary simple: Due to its intuitive control concept with touchscreen display, the Focus3D is as easy to operate as a digital camera.

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